Memo: Don’t Compare Homeless People To Stray Cats, You Will Make Brittany Shriek Like A Tree Monkey


“Homeless people are not animals! Also, feed the damned animals, what is wrong with you?!”

I’ve decided not to write about my epic saga of homelessness or related adventures anymore, or at least not for a little while. While my finances are still terribly precarious, and my PTSD is still quite T, I am a much happier and healthier person than I was when I started this blog a year ago.

It’s easy to get stuck in past traumas. Hyper-vigilant people don’t necessarily stop hyper-vigilating just because they’ve reached safe harbor. Sometimes you have to locate your own off-switch and firmly instruct your brain that it’s time to think about other stuff now.

This is me, doing that. Or fixin’ to do it, as they say in Raleigh.

Before I leave the topic behind entirely, there are a handful of sentiments about homelessness that I need to get off my chest. These are things that I learned while I was homeless, the stuff that surprised me or took me off guard. Stuff that I wished folks understood about people like me, and stuff I wish my friends understood about the homeless people I encounter now.

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Companion Piece: Women Celebrating the Humans, Aliens, and Tin Dogs of Doctor Who

Hey guys! Do you like Doctor Who? Intelligent, thoughtful essays about women’s contribution to science fiction and television? Or maybe just my writing? I mean, I assume you like my writing at least a little. I’m not being cocky, but you are reading this blog. I assume no one’s holding a gun to your head.

(If someone is holding a gun to your head, I’m so, so sorry. Be strong. I don’t post very often.)

For the very first time, in the very near future, you can pay money to read words that I have written! Specifically, words that I have written in co-operation with my dear friend Liz Barr (who also co-edited the book. We wrote “The Heroine of Her Own Story”, which examines Ace and the seventh Doctor’s relationship over the course of seasons 25 and 26 in the light of a YA narrative. There are also tons of other fascinating essays, as you can see by perusing the newly released Table of Contents.


The book isn’t properly out yet, unless you’re going to Gallifrey Con in LA in February, where you can get preview copies. This is just a foretaste of things to come. It isn’t stopping me being excited, though, and it shouldn’t stop you either!

Welcome to Language and Light

Hello, and welcome to the blog.

My name is Brittany, and I always balk when asked to describe myself. I think most of us do—there’s a reason the “personal essay” portion of college admissions packets were everyone’s worst nightmare.

But what do you need to know if you’re trying to decide whether the content of this blog is likely to interest you? That might be slightly easier to narrow down. Let me give it a try:

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